DB - G03
Product Description
  • DB,DBW Pressure valves are pilot operated pressure relief valves.
  • For subplate mounting or installation in manifoids, solenoid operated unloading via a builtion directional spool valves, or directional poppet valves.
1 Series
2 No Code:No Directional
W:Solenoid Controlled
3 Mountin
SUB-Plate Mounting
4 Valve Size 03:3/8”
5 Valve Type
A:Normally Vented
B:Energized To Vent
6 Pressure Adjusting Range
7 Pilot And Drain Type
No Code:Internal Pilot And Drain Type
X:External Pilot
Y:External Drain
XY:External Pilot And Drain Type
8 Pilot Valve Type
D:2B2L Y:2B2 HA:2B3B
9 Coil Voltage
D12 : DC 12V D24 : DC 24V
A110 : 110 /50/60HZ A220 : 220 /50/60HZ
10 Wiring
10:Join Box With Indicating Light
20:Hirschmann Type With Indicating Light
Model No.Max. Pressure
Pressure Adj.
Range (kgf/cm2)
Max. Flow
Max. Back
Weight (No Contain
Solenoid Valve) (Kg)
DB-03 DBW-03 320 1:35
100 160 3.5 3.4
ModelMounting boltsQ
DB,DBW-03 M10X40 mm 4
DB - ※ - G03