• Metal Flexible Coolant Pipe

Metal Flexible Coolant Pipe

Materials: SUS303(custom-order for SUS316 materials, suitable for food industry, electronics cleaning industry, etc.)
Function: the expansion bend can adjust the angle to carry the liquid and gas.
Application: applied for the metal processing supply water. supply oil or blowing. Suitable for machinery industry. 
                     Optical power industry… other else.
Conclusion: all kinds of nozzles. Basic element. Pipe joint can depend on company work condition to match and combine 
                    each other.
Specification: 1/2”(basic element aperture 11mm), 1/4”(basic element aperture 5.8mm), 
                       1/8”(basic element aperture 3.2mm)
Advantage:  1. using sus303 material to manufacture product can resist high-temperature and corrosion.
                    2. product is high malleable which depend on your demand to adjust height. Angle and direction.
                    3. strong rigidity. High temperature resistance and abrasion resistant , can bear 100 bar tensile forces.