• EDG – 01

EDG – 01

  • This valve consists of a small DC solenoid and direct-acting relief valves. It serves as a pilot valve for a low flow rate hydraulic system or a proportional electro-hydraulic control valve and controls the pressure in proportion to the input current. Note that this valve is used in conjunction with the applicable power amplifier.
1 Series(SUB-Plate connections )
2 Valve size : 01:1/8”
3 Applicable control
None:Omit if not required
V:Vent control of relief valve
4 Pres. adj. range kgf/cm2
B: 5-50 H:12-250
5 Safety valve
None:With safety valve
1:Without safety valve
6 P-line orifice
PN:without orifice
7 T-line orifice
8 Design Number
Description Unit Model number
Max. operating pressure MPa 25
Max. flow l /min 2
Pressure adjustment range kgf / cm² Refer to How to order
Rated current mA B:800 H:950 C:900
Coil resistance (20°C) Ω 10
Hysteresis   Less than 3%
Repeatability   1%
Approx. mass kg 25 (2.3)
*1 With safety valve.
  • Tank-Line back pressure
    Check that the tank line pressure does not exceed 0.2MPa (2.0kgf /cm²)
  • Vent Control
    When this valve is used as a relief valve or for other valve vent control purposes, use 6 mm ID, 300mm long or shorter pipes for piping connections, If pressure instability is encountered, provided a 1-1.5mm diameter orifice for the relief or other valve vent port.
  • Circuit Pressure Control
    When circuit pressure is directly controlled by this valve, make sure that the trapped oil volume is exceeding 40cm3.
  • Low Flow Rates
    The preset pressure may become unstable. To avoid such pressure instability, the flow rate should not be lower than 0.3 L /min.
  • Safety Valve Pressure Setting
    The safety valve pressure setting at the maximum flow rate is preset to a level that is 2MPa( 20.4kgf /cm² ) higher than the pressure adjustment range upper limit. If the operating pressure upper limit is low or a different flow rate upper limit is used, make adjustment after calculating the safety valve pressure setting from the following equation; Pressure setting=(Operating pressure upper limit )+(Additional pressure indicated right )
Model Mounting bolts Q
EDG-01 M5 X 45 mm 4
EDG - 01
EDG - 01V