• High Pressure Adjustable Tube
  • High Pressure Adjustable Tube

High Pressure Adjustable Tube

Material: SUS303
Curved pipe for conveying liquid and gas with adjustable angle.
Water supply, oil supply or air blowing for mechanical metal processing. Suitable for use in machinery industry, photoelectric industry...etc.
Various nozzles, main bodies, 90-degree main bodies, extension rods, and joints can be arbitrarily matched and combined according to work requirements.
Specification: 1/2 (body diameter 5.8mm)
1/4 (body hole diameter 11mm)
Made of SUS303, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
Highly malleable, the length, angle and direction can be adjusted according to requirements.
Strong rigidity, high pressure resistance and abrasion resistance, and can withstand 100bar pressure.
Patent certificate number:
No. ZP201721136530.4 (China)
New Model No. M553390 (Taiwan)

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